Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Wisconsin lawyers and medical negligence attorneys probably have not seen anything quite like this medical malpractice case. A doctor from Kentucky, who in the case of Stephanie Means v. Dr. James Guiler filed January 22, 2003, is accused of using his position as a physican to brand a woman's uterus. See for yourself The Smoking Gun: Archive - The Reckless Doctor. Think we should limit punitive damages for this doctor? That's what would happen under Congressman Dr. Bill Frist's plan. Learn also about another negligent doctor, see The Smoking Gun's Winona Ryder Physician's Helping Hand.

Also, see the public information available at and

Don't let Congressman Frist get the radical changes he wants. All these doctor strikes are the equivalent of the "Closing the Firehouse" strategy employed by the governement when it's really time to cut fat. Millions of people are affected by medical negligence and dangerous pharmaceutical products and though you don't care about this most of the time, when it happens to you, you'll care then. Unfortunately, by then it may be too late. Here in Wisconsin we already have some of the most horrific laws on the books regarding medical malpractice cases against Wisconsin doctors.