Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce goes too far

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce goes too far in its recent propaganda campaign attacking trial lawyers. The Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce ad uses a photo of portly 60-year-old man cowboy with smerking yellow teeth, a lit cigar and dark sunglasses standing in front of an oil tank and labeling him "Billy Bob Jones, Esq." In the ad, Billy Bob says he's "up on his way to Wisconsin and fixin' to make a killin'."

As ridiculous as it is, this is what WMAC wants you to believe. Why are all their ads about personal injury lawyers? Because Wisconsin personal injury lawyers are much easier targets than those we help in Wisconsin.

Recall the "how to" on demonizing personal injury lawyers and recognize that WMAC is working off the Frank Luntz, Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers' playbook. They hate personal injury lawyers because we make them pay you when you need justice. Per the handbook, they want you to:
~ Think "creeps, bottom--feeders, overpaid, and evil" when you hear "personal injury lawyers,"
~ Not think personal injury lawyers help "Individuals who have been wrongly injured [to get] their day in court," and
~ Not recognize that personal injury attorneys help individuals get "justice and fairness."

Personally, I think the Wisconsin B.S. meter is high enough to see through WMAC's.

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