It's lawyer-bashing season and required reading is "In Defense of So-Called 'Greedy Trial Lawyers," Texas Bar Journal, November 2002. My favorite paragraph states:

"Like it or not, we need lawyers. All of us. We live in a country that regulates health and safety and resolves disputes through the civil justice system. Private trial lawyers make that system work. If your insurance company doesn't pay when it should, your car doesn't run as promised or your physician operates on the wrong leg, your recourse is to hire a lawyer and sue. We need lawyers, trial lawyers, sometimes even greedy trial lawyers. Just ask the doctors who have filed a class-action lawsuit against their HMOs."

Unfortunately, the leader of the Chamber of Commerce, Thomas Donohue, is on the fringe and pushing Congress and the President for "tort reform". Donohue's running ads in various states and planting media stories regarding asbestos, malpractice, a "litigation explosion," class actions, products liability, automobile "no fault" insurance, etc. Donohue makes false claims regarding insurers losing money, damage awards, the number of lawsuits, etc. I beg you to do your research to learn the truth!

See the Center for Justice & Democracy website. Recent postings include a response to two 60 Minutes programs Morley Safer Segment and Rooney Commentary. Other items include A Medical Malpractice Guide and Americans for Insurance Reform's. Also, check out recent press release highlights. A few of these are interesting including Study Shows that Warning Labels Save Lives and Average Medical Malpractice Payments Only $30,000; Payouts Virtually Flat for a Decade. Finally, see the MYTHBUSTERS! page which has facts.

I also highly recommend Public Citizen's Civil Justice and Legal Rights page.

We must use facts to educate our politicians regarding "tort reform" lies.


Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers Blog has been morphed by this personal injury attorney in Wisconsin into a consumer site. Thus, I want to remind consumers that Christmas has hazards associated with it including dried out Christmas trees, unsafe lights and unattended burning candles. These can and do cause thousands of injuries. Each year hospital emergency rooms treat about 12,500 people for injuries, such as falls, cuts and shocks related to holiday lights, decorations and Christmas trees. There are 11,600 candle-related fires each year, resulting in 150 deaths, 1200 injuries and $173 million in property loss. Christmas trees are involved in about 300 fires annually, resulting on average in 10 deaths and 30 injuries.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin: More snow. Since the leading cause of death in winter is car accidents, here are some tips for preparing your vehicle. Before winter have a mechanic check your car. Install good winter tires or at least make sure tires have adequate tread. All-weather radials are usually adequate for winter conditions in Wisconsin. Keep a windshield scraper and broom for ice and snow removal. Maintain at least a half tank of gas. Plan long trips carefully. If you must go out during a storm, dress warm and have extra food and water. You should have a winter car kit that has flashlights with extra batteries, a first aid kit with pocket knife, several blankets, matches, mittens, a wool cap, small sack of sand for generating traction under wheels, small shovel, and booster cables.