Medical Malpractice "Crisis" Claim Cannot be supported

Medical Malpractice is a hot topic made even hotter by physicians and insurers' unsubstantiated claims. Recently, the Pennsylvania Medical Society admitted to making unsubstantiated claims in its effort to convince voters and legislators there was a "medical malpractice crisis" and that patients rights should be limited. Fortunately, justice again prevailed. The medical society said medical malpractice insurance rates drove away thousands of doctors. Yet, the group's chair finally conceded that the state had not lost doctors but in fact gained nearly one thousand physicians in the last two years. Public Citizen, an outstanding pro-justice truth-seeking organization, (as opposed to the devilishly named "Common Good") helped to get this admission. Public Citizen 's most recent report also shows how medical malpractice payments have declined and there have been fewer jury verdicts in medical malpractice. See the Public Citizen site and read its report on facts about medical malpractice.

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