Wisconsin Justice caught in tort deform crossfire

With Wisconsin's malpractice cap overturned, Court Justice Crooks, supported by Wisconsin Republicans, looks to be caught in crossfire since his vote to overturn the cap is viewed as a swing vote. I just read Justice Crooks to seek re-election and Enough crooks on the bench and some comments demonize trial lawyers as I expect. These posters ignore the unimpeded right of doctors to sue insurers and insurers to sue doctors and evidence from insurers' journals and federal reports. Justice Crooks did what was just.

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Wisconsin Medical Malpractice Cap Ruling

Wisconsin Medical Malpractice

Wisconsin's Supreme Court has caught on to Insurers' big scam having just ruled unconstitutional the cap on non-economic damages for pain, suffering and disability in Wisconsin medical malpractice. The Court recognizes that “A $350,000 cap on non-economic damages is arbitrary and creates an undue hardship on a small unfortunate group of plaintiffs” finding such a “ceiling adopted by the legislature is unreasonable and arbitrary because it is not rationally related to the legislative objective of lowering medical malpractice premiums.” The Wisconsin medical malpractice decision is correct given all we know about medical_malpractice insurance costs and the lack of any rational relationship between insurance costs, tort reform and medical malpractice.

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