Wisconsin Personal Injury Tort Reform - part 2

Wisconsin personal injury lawsuits, as I indicated in part 1, are small in number as Wisconsin is not litigious. Personal injury cases are just an issue used by politicians to get contributions from the likes of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and American Family Insurance.

The truth is far more revealing than the politicians. Here's the Wisconsin's Director of State Courts' report. In Wisconsin, 31 Counties had ZERO product liability cases filed and 26 Counties had ZERO medical malpractice cases filed in 2004. Further, each Wisconsin county on average had about only five jury trials in any personal injury case (note this includes every type of personal injury, e.g. Wisconsin car accidents, mesothelioma cases, medical malpractice, etc.).

Hopefully now you understand why I gag every time I hear a pundit or politician refer to a "litigation explosion" in Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Personal Injury Tort Reform

Wisconsin personal injury verdicts are lower than most states. Wisconsin juries are made up of conservative individuals who find for doctors and corporations more often than other juries. Thus, when I heard WTMJ's Jeff Wagner refer to a "litigation explosion" in Wisconsin today, I nearly choked on my Subway. It's rubbish.

Whether it's Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, American Family Insurance, or similar groups, these people cry "wolf" too often. Unfortunately, talk radio hosts and politicians like Mark Green and Scott Walker, though they may have the right idea on many issues, only propagate the myth perpetuated for decades. It's more of this how to demonize personal injury lawyers garbage.

Wisconsin is not litigious. Wisconsin jury verdicts are low. And, most Wisconsinites I help with a Wisconsin car accident or other personal injury first tell me, what I think I also heard from WISN's Bob Dolan, "I'm not the kind of person that files a lawsuit, but...."

And from there you can fill in the blank with, for example:
- the insurance adjuster claims I'm at fault,
- they're not being fair,
- I'm missing work,
- I'm permanently disabled, or whatever else.

Bottom line, Wisconsin's personal injury tort system works and doesn't produce outrageous results and this is true because all most people in Wisconsin want is what's fair, no more and no less.

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