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In Defense "Independent" Medical Examinations and Medical Defense Doctors, I blogged on IME doctors in Wisconsin and an outfit brokering Wisconsin IME docs. Today's New York Times' Exams of Injured Workers Fuel Mutual Mistrust peaked my curiousity and so this time, instead of picking on the same firm as the last two posts, I'm blogging on Medical Systems, Inc. and Medical Impressions, two "IME" brokers here in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Medical Systems, Inc. website is medicalsystemsusa.com. They hold themselves out as a resource to insurance claims adjusters and corporate defense lawyers. They publish online dates doctors are available for IMEs for the next 3 months, and as can be seen, some Wisconsin doctors have little time to see real patients. Perhaps physicians can make a lot of money doing IMEs for insurance companies and corporate defense lawyers. As of the date of this blog, the current list of Wisconsin physicians being brokered by Medical Systems, Inc. included:

Dr. Steven Anderson
Dr. Hany Afran
Dr. James Agre
Dr. Aftab Ansari
Dr. Mark Aschliman
Dr. Paul Barkhaus
Dr. David Bartlett
Dr. James Barnett
Dr. Stephen Barron
Dr. Gita Baruah
Dr. Barry Bast
Dr. Benjamin Begley
Dr. James Berman
Dr. Henry Bernstein
Dr. David Blake
Dr. Crain Bliwas
Dr. Robert Braco
Dr. Arlene Braker
Dr. Russell Brethauer
Dr. Fredrik Broekhuizen
Leo Bronston (Chiro)
Dr. Dennis Brown
Dr. Steven Brown
Dr. Joseph Burgarino
Dr. Robert Buss
Dr. Paul Caillier
Dr. Paul Cederberg
Dr. Gorden Clark
Dr. Steven Cohen
Dr. Edward Coleman
Dr. Gary Conger
Dr. Thomas Connor
Dr. Curtis Crimmins
Dr. Steven Dankle
Dr. Omar Darr
Dr. Walter Davison
Dr. Jack Deckard
Dr. John DeGiovanni
Dr. Steven Donatello
Dr. David Dorman
Dr. Thomas Drake
Dr. Roy Dunlap
Kevin Dunn (Chiro)
Dr. William Dzwierzynski
Dr. Dennis Elmergreen
Dr. Donald Feinsilver
Dr. Anthony Ferguson
Dr. Marvin Fetter
Dr. Bradley Fideler
Dr. Richard Fleck
Dr. Robert Friedrich
Dr. Kimball Fuiks
Danny Futch (Chiro)
Dr. Eric Gaenslen
Dr. Balaraju Gandhavadi
Dr. James Gmeiner
Dr. Daniel Goeckner
Dr. David Goodman
Dr. Steven Grindel
Dr. Brad Grunert
Dr. Gary Guten
Dr. Ahmad Haffar
Dr. Jerome Hagens
Dr. Thomas Hammeke
Dr. Jerome Hanson
Dr. Gerald Harris
Dr. David Haskell
Dr. Patrick Healy
Dr. Eric Heiligenstein
Dr. Bruce Herman
Dr. Sidney Herszenson
Tony Hielle (Chiro)
Dr. Robert Hirschmann
Dr. Sang Hong
Dr. Jacques Hussussian
Mark Jacquette (Chiro)
Dr. Subbanna Jayprakash
Dr. Richard Karr
Dr. Sean Keane
Dr. William Kelley
Dr. Thomas Kidder
Dennis King (Chiro)
Dr. Steven Klein
Dr. Jennifer Klopfstein
Dr. Steven Koenig
Dr. Harvey Kohn
Dr. John Krebsbach
Dr. James Langenkamp
Dr. Calvin Langmade
Dr. Mark Lanser
Dr. Allan Levin
Dr. Scott Levin
Dr. Stuart Levy
Dr. Jonathan Lewis
Dr. Michael Lischak
Dr. Boyd Lumsden
Dr. Thomas Lyons
Dr. Daniel Maryland
Dr. Hani Matloub
Dr. Robert McCabe
Dr. Peter Medved
Dr. Mark Meier
Jay Meverden (Chiro)
Dr. Jeffrey Minikel
Dr. Aroor Moorthy
Dr. Craig Moe
Dr. James Mullen
Dr. David Nash
Robert Newman (Chiro)
Dr. Christopher Noonan
Dr. Michael Nordstrom
Dr. Marc Novom
Gregory Nystrom (Chiro)
Dr. Ellen O'Brien
Dan Olson (Chiro)
Dr. Reid Olson
Dr. Michael Orth
Dr. David Osmon
Daniel Page (Chiro)
Dr. Douglas Palmer
Dr. Steven Pals
Dr. Thomas Pietrocarlo
Dr. Neal Pollack
Dr. Kenneth Robbins
Dr. Stephen Robbins
Dr. Rajit Saluja
Dr. Marvin Sattler
Dr. Steven Schnoll
Dr. Donald Schuster
Dr. James Sehloff
Dr. James Self
Robert Servias (Chiro)
Dr. Andrew Seter
Frederick Sheppard (Chiro)
Dr. Mysore Shivaram
Dr. John Siegert
Dr. Jane Sliwinski
Dr. Kwang Soo
Dr. Morris Soriano
Dr. Michael Spierer
Dr. Ron Stark
Dr. Richard Steliga
Dr. Robert Stern
Dr. James Stiehl
Dr. Cass Terry
Dr. David Toivonen
Dr. Sridhar Vasudevan
Dr. Patrick Walsh
Dr. Kevin Weidman
Dr. James White
Dr. Mark Wikenheiser
Dr. Terrence Wilkins
Dr. John Williams
Dr. Alison Wilmeth
Dr. William Wirostko
Randall Wojciehoski (D.O.)
Dr. Walter Wong
Dr. Jeffrey Zigun
Dr. Diane Zwicke

Medical Impressions website is medicalimpressions.com. They don't publish online dates doctors are available for IMEs. However, they do have the current list of Wisconsin doctors being brokered by Medical Impressions:

Steven Cohen, M.D. Milwaukee
Gary Steven, M.D. Milwaukee

Steven Donatello, M.D. Milwaukee

Syhas Shelgikar, M.D. Milwaukee
Melish A. Thompson, M.D. Milwaukee
Diane Zwicke, M.D. Milwaukee

Kelly Andrews, D.C. Madison
Greg Bernard, D.C. Hudson
Kevin Dunn, D.C. Milwaukee, Madison, Fond du Lac
Gary Fischer, D.C. Onalaska
Daniel Futch, D.C. Madison
Dane Laughlin, D.C. Superior
Craig Martin, D.C. Appleton
Jay Meverden, D.C. Wausau
Robert Newman, D.C. Milwaukee, Madison
Gregory Nystrom, D.C. Appleton, Green Bay, Wausau
Daniel Olson, D.C. Madison
Robert Servais, D.C. Green Bay
Michael Utschig, D.C. Madison
Gregory Whitcomb, D.C. Milwaukee

Jeff Jones, D.D.S. Rice Lake
Michael Kowalski, D.D.S. Waukesha
Steven Schnoll, D.D.S. Milwaukee

James Barnett, M.D. Milwaukee
Sidney Herszenson, M.D. Milwaukee
Donald Schuster, M.D. Madison

Ear, Nose & Throat
Steven Dankle, M.D. Milwaukee
Roy Dunlap, M.D. Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rapids
David Friedland, M.D. Milwaukee
Peter Medved, M.D. Milwaukee
Michael Nordstrom, M.D. Milwaukee
Frederic Schmidt, M.D. Green Bay

General Surgery
Steward Gifford, M.D. Green Bay
William Kelley, M.D. Milwaukee
Michael Rainiero, M.D. Janesville
Richard Steliga, M.D. Milwaukee
Brent Wogahn, M.D. Rice Lake

Hand Surgery
Jon Cherney, M.D. Appleton
Curtis Crimmins, M.D. Milwaukee
Andreas Doermann, M.D. Milwaukee
William Dzwierzynski, M.D. Milwaukee
Steven Grindel, M.D. Milwaukee
Boyd Lumsden, M.D. Appleton
Hani Matloub, M.D. Milwaukee
John Schneider, M.D. Milwaukee
John Siegert, M.D. Milwaukee
David Toivonen, M.D. Appleton
James White, M.D. Milwaukee
Terrence Wilkins, M.D. Milwaukee

David Blake, M.D. Milwaukee

Infectious Disease
David Wagner, M.D. Milwaukee

Internal Medicine
David Blake, M.D. Milwaukee
James Levin, M.D. Madison
Reid Olson, M.D. Madison
Randal Wojciehoski, D.O. Stevens Point, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Duluth, Wausau, Green Bay, Appleton, Madison

Paul Barkhaus, M.D. Milwaukee
Conrad Nievera, M.D. Milwaukee
Mark Novom, M.D. Milwaukee
L. Cass Terry, M.D. Milwaukee

Paul Caillier, Ph.D. Eau Claire

Jack Deckard, M.D. Milwaukee
Steven Delheimer, M.D. Waukesha
Yash Pannu, M.D. Milwaukee
Marc Soriano, M.D. Madison

Occupational Medicine
Donald Bodeau, M.D. Eau Claire
Michael Borkowski, M.D. Milwaukee, Green Bay
Gina Buono, M.D. Milwaukee
Robert Braco, M.D. Beloit
Scott Dresden, M.D. Burlington
David Drury, M.D. Milwaukee, Appleton
Andrew Floren, M.D. Eau Claire
Brian Harrison, M.D. Appleton
Stephen Lindahl, M.D. Janesville
John Williams, M.D. Wausau

Occupational Therapy
Eric Blankenheim, O.T. Appleton
Julie Peeters, O.T. Appleton

Walter Gager, M.D. Milwaukee
James Wise, M.D. Madison

Orthopedic Surgery
Aftab Ansari, M.D. Green Bay, Milwaukee
Mark Aschliman, M.D. Milwaukee
Stephen Barron, M.D. Eau Claire, Wausau, Oshkosh, Milwaukee, Madison, LaCrosse
David Bartlett, M.D. Madison
Paul Cederberg, M.D. Eau Claire, Wausau, Oshkosh, Milwaukee, Madison, LaCrosse
Gorden Clark, M.D. Milwaukee, Madison, Wausau, Appleton, Green Bay, Eau Claire, Tomah
Roger Daley, M.D. Milwaukee
Omar Darr, M.D. Milwaukee
Eric Gaenslen, M.D. Milwaukee
James Gmeiner, M.D. Appleton
Gary Guten, M.D. Milwaukee
Jerome Hagens, M.D. Appleton
Jacques Hussussian, M.D. Milwaukee, Fond du Lac
Roger Johnson, M.D. Milwaukee
Richard Karr, M.D. Milwaukee
Sean Keane, M.D. Milwaukee
Navjot Kohli, M.D. Milwaukee, Madison, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Wausau, Eau Claire
James Langenkamp, M.D. Milwaukee
Robert McCabe, M.D. Milwaukee
Donald Middleton, M.D. Milwaukee
Jeffrey Minikel, M.D. Milwaukee
Craig Moe, M.D. Milwaukee
Christopher Noonan, M.D. Milwaukee
Michael Orth, M.D. Madison, Green Bay, Wausau, Eau Claire, Milwaukee
Douglas Palmer, M.D. Madison
Raj Rao, M.D. Milwaukee
Stephen Robbins, M.D. Milwaukee
James Rydlewicz, M.D. Milwaukee
Rajit Saluja, M.D. Milwaukee
James Self, M.D. Madison
James Stiehl, M.D. Milwaukee
Mark Wikenheiser, M.D. St. Croix Falls

Dennis Brown, M.D. Milwaukee
Steven Kirkhorn, M.D. Marshfield, Wausau
Jerome Lerner, M.D. Milwaukee
John Revord, M.D. Appleton
Sridhar Vasudevan, M.D. Milwaukee, Madison, Wausau, Eau Claire, Green Bay

Physical Medicine
John Revord, M.D. Appleton
Randall Schultz, M.D. Appleton
Richard Staehler, M.D. Appleton
Robert Zoeller, M.D. Oconomowoc

Keith Beck, D.P.M. Milwaukee
Magali Fournier, D.P.M Wausau
Ian Furnes, D.P.M. Fond du Lac, Chilton
Randal Wojciehoski, D.O. Milwaukee, Stevens Point, Eau Claire, Duluth, Wausau, Green Bay, Appleton

David Black, M.D. Milwaukee
Donald Feinsilver, M.D. Milwaukee
Brad Grunert, Ph.D. Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Wausau
Kenneth Robbins, M.D. Madison
Michael Spierer, M.D. Madison

Psychiatry (Neuro)
Paul Caillier, M.D. Eau Claire

Calvin Langmade, M.D. Milwaukee

Steven Brown, M.D. Milwaukee
Stuart Levy, M.D. Milwaukee
Reid Olson, M.D. Madison
James Sehloff, M.D. Madison
Linus Santo Tomas, M.D. Milwaukee

Albert Alter, M.D. Madison

David Blake, M.D. Milwaukee

Elliott Silbar, M.D. Milwaukee

Aside from noting how often some Wisconsin doctors appear on Medical Systems, Inc.'s calendar, it's interesting to see how much travelling some physicians are willing to do - as indicated by Medical Impressions "city" designation - just to get IME business from insurance claims adjusters and corporate defense lawyers.

Check out Randall Wojciehoski, he appears quite often on the Medical Systems calendars and on Medical Impressions page he'll travel 400 miles going from Duluth, MN to Milwaukee, WI. Randall Wojciehoski also appeared on my Defense "Independent" Medical Examinations and Medical Defense Doctors blogs. Curiously, he also has more areas of expertise than most of the listed Wisconsin IME doctors.

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