Wisconsin residents are not lawsuit happy

Wisconsin personal injury lawyers are constantly telling me how people who have been seriously injured through the negligence of another say "I'm not the kind of person to file a lawsuit." I have heard this myself at least 50 times. Yet, despite the fact that Wisconsin residents do not like filing lawsuits. Wisconsin Public Radio recently interviewed Philip Howard of "Common Good" (his outfit's name makes it clear they are trying to manipulate people by using a name similar to a longstanding reform group Ralph Nader's Common Cause). Anyway, referring to a ridiculous piece he helped Newsweek fabricate, this man asserts that "Americans like to sue each other at the slightest provocation." It's a totally false and stupid statement but it is one that so-called "tort reform" groups like to say even though all evidence shows that lawsuits by individuals are down and lawsuit-growth is in Corporate America - Business vs. Business lawsuits.

Center for Justice & Democracy released a very good rebuttal to Newsweek's story on lawsuits.

Lawyers nationally have also proved that the facts have been manipulated in Look behind the lawsuit spin.

Lastly, Newsweek did eventually publish a rebuttal.

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