Wisconsin personal injury lawyers and those who are truly "Free Market" capitalists should find themselves on the same side argues Michael Collins of CBS Marketwatch in his article The free market versus tort reform.

Collins reasonably points out how there are no good reasons for government to regulate damages in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Collins asks several excellent questions: "If it's wrong for government to limit the prices pharmaceutical companies can charge for drugs, and the amount doctors charge for treatment, why would it be right to limit the amount of damages a harmed patient can be awarded in a lawsuit? If you believe it's too hard for doctors to get malpractice insurance, why is it the consumer's fault, rather than the insurance industry or the medical system? If you believe the government shouldn't tell a company how to do its business, or how much it can pay its executives, why would you support a limit on how much lawyers can make suing those businesses on behalf of defrauded consumers or investors?"

But this Wisconsin personal injury lawyer doesn't want to steal Collins' thunder. It's a great article. Go read it.

Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer