Insurer Sues Notorious Ex-CEO

Insurance executive and Ex-AIG CEO Maurice "Hank" Greenberg is notorious and has been discussed here many times. Hank's an insurance guy who wants ridiculous sums of money at about any cost. He's a vocal proponent of exchanging your rights for insurer profits ("tort reform"), accused of corrupt business practices, called lawyers terrorists, sued is own son, and worth about $4,400,000,000.00 (FOUR BILLION FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS).

Insurer AIG has apparently realized that Hank's profit motive extends to taking what it claims is its. A story in Friday's Wall Street Journal "AIG Is Raising Stakes in Battle With Greenberg" discusses the insurance company's lawsuit against its Ex-CEO. Apparently, Hank wants control of a related AIG entity and certain art, antiques and property. Like all insurance companies do when they're not bashing lawyers, Hank hired his own attorney, who's recent clients include the equally notorious Enron CFO, Adelphia, and Tyco, that is David Boies, a New York lawyer.

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