Wisconsin Medical Malpractice
Milwaukee's WISN Radio - AM 1130 reported today that "Low malpractice insurance rates attract physicians to Wisconsin." In an article posted on its website, the Milwaukee Wisconsin radio station reports that physicians are being drawn to Wisconsin by the state's "low medical malpractice insurance rates." The American Medical Society identifies Wisconsin as a "safe haven for physicians." In fact, as a result of the lack of any substantial Wisconsin medical malpractice damage awards, the doctors Wisconsin Patient Compensation Fund has bloated to more than $600,000,000.00.

In a separate story, the April 21, 2003 issue of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports on similar news in Doctors drawn to Wisconsin: State's relatively affordable malpractice insurance is just what they ordered. In that story, the Milwaukee newspaper reports how "Physicians across the country are pulling up stakes and heading for Wisconsin's greener pastures to avoid paying staggering medical malpractice insurance premiums." One Gastroenterologist and his wife, a surgeon, moved to Wisconsin from Cleveland. In another example, an orthopedic surgeon moving to Green Bay Wisconsin to join an Aurora Health Care medical center.