Two Recent City of Brookfield Appointments

I'm pleased to announce the following two appointments I recently received:

City of Brookfield, Wisconsin Mayor Jeffrey Speaker with the approval of Brookfield Aldermen Ron Balzer, Scott A. Berg, Christopher Blackburn, Bill Carnell, Mike Franz, James A. Garvens, Gary D. Mahkorn, Jerry Mellone, Lisa Mellone, Mark Nelson, Rick Owen, Steven V. Ponto, Bob Reddin, and Daniel Sutton, have appointed me to to the City of Brookfield Police & Fire Commission where I will serve with William J. Murgas, Bernard J. Tesmer, Jay D. Rosencrantz, Edward Jurken, Jr., and Alderman Sutton.

Also, the Brookfield Central Junior Lancers - Brookfield Youth Football Association Board recently elected me a board member where I will be serving with John Cain, Pat Hawkins, Mark Sorenson, Alan Thiede, Doug Lange and Tracey Pangman.

Honestly, beyond having clients' recognition as "Best Attorney", I gain the most pleasure from trying to serve the Milwaukee and Brookfield communities.

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