Hurricane Charity vs. Politics

It's one of the greatest tragedies in modern America so I write about it to ask that you help. I chose to give through Catholic Charities USA. Other personal injury attorneys I know gave through Trial Lawyers Care. Others are donating frequent flier miles or whatever to the Red Cross. Whatever it is, do something charitable and ignore the political blame games. Now is hardly the time for the latter.

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Wisconsin Nursing Home Injuries

Wisconsin nursing homes regularly cause severe injuries to the elderly. In my opinion, huge nursing home operators, like Extendicare, Inc. and Beverly Enterprises, Inc., are out looking for quick money and are too willing to take shortcuts and skimp at the expense of nursing home residents and our elderly. It's really a horrible commentary on our health care system that trial lawyers are one of the few voices, not bought and paid for by the nursing home industry, working on behalf of those suffering from nursing home abuse.

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