Wisconsin Court Records, Sex Offenders & Corporations

Wisconsin court records are put online by the circuit courts for most (not all) criminal, civil and other cases. It's on the Consolidated Court Automation Programs web site (CCAP).

Wisconsin's registered Sex Offenders may be found at the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry. There's also a National Sex Offender Public Registry.

Corporations in Wisconsin, LLCs and other business records are often able to be found at the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institution's Wisconsin Corporation Records.

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Asbestos trial for will not be moved

Libby, Montana was a A town left to die by W.R. Grace. I've been interviewed on this Asbestos story by NBC News as a Wisconsin asbestos attorney and mesothelioma lawyer in Wisconsin handling mesothelioma cases. Though W.R. Grace executives attempted to escape justice in an asbestos trial in Montana by asking to move their trial, a judge recently denied their request.

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