Insurance Industry ad on Lawyers

Insurance Industry Ad Makes Fishy Claim About Lawyers is from Factcheck.org, an independent non-partisan think tank (e.g. recent articles are Rigged "Calculator" talking about Democrats using false assumptions in discussing privatizing Social Security and Recycled Exaggerations dealing with conservatives overstating Social Security's shortfall). Some may think I overstate things with respect to attacks on personal injury lawyers, but the article is another example of how insurance companies and their political allies try to get you to give up your legal rights to help them profit.

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How to Demonize Personal Injury Lawyers

How to Demonize Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers are easy targets if you know how to propagate the infomercial. Here's the seminal "how to" on demonizing personal injury lawyers. It's by Frank Luntz, strategist for Corporate America's Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers, which hate personal injury lawyers:

- Think "creeps, bottom--feeders, overpaid, and evil" when you hear "personal injury lawyers;"
- Don't think personal injury lawyers help "Individuals who have been wrongly injured [to get] their day in court;" and
- Don't think personal injury attorneys help individuals get "justice and fairness."

Fortunately, as Luntz notes, "The B.S. meter of the average American voter is high" and they seem to have recognized that Corporate America tends to "overstate the impact of lawsuit abuse." Now that's an understatement.

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