Insurance company bad faith post-Katrina

Insurance companies showed their true colors right after Hurricane Katrina, which is why we saw lots of touchy feely insurance company ads and even tort reformer Sen. Trent Lott sued State Farm.

Looks like a Missippippi trial lawyer has the goods on at least one of the insurance companies involved thanks to an insurance company whistleblower. Imagine this, that insurance company pressured engineers to change their conclusions about what caused the damage so that policyholders' claims could be denied.

Just as a reminder, Insurance companies want:
~ Premiums not claims
~ To deter valid lawsuits
~ People to hate lawyers so they never get one
~ You to feel guilt for making legitimate claims
~ You to think you're "not the kind of person who files a lawsuit"
~ Juries to think a person who files a suit is dishonest
~ Jurors minds made up before evidence is heard
~ Your rights minimized or removed
~ Their rights maximized and preserved
~ People to feel juries give away money
~ Verdicts for damages to be less then what is fair
~ Caps on damages to minimize your justice
~ Judges who will avoid holding them accountable

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Personal Injury Lawyers Accident Letters

I like this! The Association of Trial Lawyers of America - New Jersey, an association made up primarily of personal injury attorneys, has asked the state's Supreme Court to ban lawyers from directly soliciting car accident injury victims with mail campaigns sent in response to police accident reports.

Wisconsin personal injury lawyers advertise this way presently, at least some do. If you have been in a Wisconsin car accident, you surely know this. Though this form of lawyer advertising is ethical, it seems to fit an ambulance chasing stereotype.

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How much is the lifetime use of a right arm worth?

Malpractice caps only harm victims. It's another great article from a Wisconsin newspaper, this time the Wausau Daily Herald, encouraging Gov. Doyle to veto the newest medical malpractice cap in Wisconsin.

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