Insurance Companies Post Record Profits

Insurance companies are making incredible sums of money these days. Insurers profits are up 29% over 2003 with insurance companies posting profits of $38,700,000,000.00. That's $38.7 BILLION DOLLARS for insurers.

So, the next time your hear someone, like this guy, The Manhattan Institute, or other Tort Reform groups ramble on about "horror stories" involving "skyrocketing costs of insurance," "parks closing due to the costs of liability insurance," "a litigation explosion," and "liberal judges" or hear a claim that "This nation faces a liability insurance crisis" and needs to "reform the civil justice system," "limit non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, or punitive damages)," "reduce awards," and curtail "the litigious nature of the American public," you better just laugh out loud as I do.

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Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers Blog Nominated

Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers Blog was nominated for "mke blog of the week" so if you're inclined go vote for it. I may myself, but I'm considering a vote for The Provincial Emails published by Wisconsin attorney, Terrence Berres, employed by American Family Mutual Insurance. I'm sure we have differing opinions on some subjects but admire his web savvy nature and strong faith. I also like his Wisconsin Safe Place Law, which may be helpful to Wisconsin lawyers.

P.S. I hope Terrence got a cut of that $564,400,000.00 raked in by American Family last year!

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Train Crash shows dangers of unguarded crossings

A train crash involving a minivan and Canadian Pacific train Sunday killed four Wisconsin residents showing the danger of unguarded railroad crossings. For 5 years, Rodney Kreunen, Wisconsin's railroad commissioner has apparently been trying to close this unguarded "humper" train crossing according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article discussing the train crash. With current technologies, it seems clear that negligence caused the deaths resulting from this train accident.

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