Sick of Lawsuits

Sick of lawsuits is an outfit using advertising to attack injured persons and the lawyers seeking them justice. Sick of Lawsuits ads are the antithesis of the touchy feely insurance company ads previously noted here, but like those insurers trying to weasel out of covering hurricane victims, Sick of Lawsuits has similar goals:
~ Deter you from seeking justice
~ Make you think there's a constant fight against bogus lawsuits
~ Create a society that hates lawyers
~ Have people feel guilty for making legitimate claims
~ Contaminate juries with people who presume a person filing a lawsuit is dishonest, etc.

The truth however is shown in recent reports, including one from the Bush Administration's Department of Justice, that show:
~ Federal tort trials have steadily declined 80% since 1985
~ Civil trials in state courts dropped by 47% between 1992 and 2001
~ Personal injury cases decreased 31.8% during the same period
~ Inflation-adjusted compensation in all tort cases dropped 56.3% between 1992 and 2001
~ Medical malpractice payments nationwide have fallen 4% per year since 2001

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