Wisconsin Records Laws

Wisconsin personal injury litigation often involves a variety of records kept in the ordinary course of business. Generally, one waives certain rights when bringing a personal injury lawsuit. Nevertheless, the following laws may be of interest:

Arrest or conviction records Wis. Stat. 111.335
Cable television Wis. Stat. 134.43
Credit reporting & investigation Wis. Stats. 423.402
Credit card information Wis. Stat. 423.401
Electronic surveillance Wis. Stat. 968.29
Employment records Wis. Stat. 103.13
Insurance records Wis. Stat. 631.89
Library records Wis. Stat. 43.30
Medical Records Wis. Stat. 146.82
Access to patient health care records Wis. Stat. 146.83
Privacy statute Wis. Stat. 895.50
Privileged communications Wis. Stat. 885.205
School records Wis. Stat. 118.125
Tax records Wis. Stat. 71.78

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