FELA Trial & Justice

The FELA trial settled in the Judge's Chambers minutes before picking a jury. The settlement amount is confidential because the railroad doesn't want other employees of the defendant Wisconsin railroad to file FELA cases. The outcome proves my opinion though that 99% of the time you must have a personal injury lawyer handling your personal injury case to get justice. Do-it-yourselfers don't get you justice. General practicioners don't get you justice. And insurance adjusters will never give you justice. What gets you justice? A lawyer who focuses on the area of law you require, knows the applicable damages, subrogation, and insurance law, and is ready and willing to take your case to trial.

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Wisconsin Railroad Employee (FELA) Injury Case

Wisconsin railroad employee injuries are governed by a federal law known as FELA. Tomorrow, I start a trial in such personal injury case here in Wisconsin. I will provide an update on this railroad employee's FELA trial afterwards.

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