People Over Profits

People Over Profits is a grassroots group fighting against bogus ads like those from the Sick of Lawsuits outfit and those in Wisconsin we hear from Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. In fact, the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce ad attacking personal injury lawyers is aired often on WISN, the station airing Bob Dolan's recommendation of me.

People Over Profits aims to protect civil justice and the right to trial by jury. It wants to make sure that when you or a family member are injured or killed by negligent conduct or defective products, you can hold the wrongdoer accountable. Corporate interests are trying to buy politicians and use them to take away the rights of regular Americans like you, but we must put People Over Profits.

I hope it works, but unfortunately my experience reveals that most people don't care what their rights are until they need to exercise them. It's only then that they get angry about a $350,000 cap on wrongful death damages or a wrongdoer having been given legal immunity.

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Samuel Alito is the Nominee

Here's the Samuel Alito wiki and a thorough blog piece. Judge Alito's key opinions argued a city should be able to display a nativity, menorah, Santa Claus, and a banner favoring diversity; a woman asking for asylum could show she had a well founded fear of persecution in Iran; a school district needs to protect a student from bullying by other students; a state law could require married women to give husbands notice of (not "consent for") an abortion; and a university may suspend a campus cop without pay and a hearing upon learning of arrest for drug crimes.

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