MySpace.com Lawsuit

SFgate.com has a story on the MySpace.com lawsuit. Per the story, a MySpace.com web page was created, which resulted in a 14-year-old girl meeting a 19-year-old man and the two eventually had "consensual" sex -- except, since the girl is under 17 she can't legally consent to sex in Texas.

On a side note, here's a cool graphic from Wikipedia showing international "Age of Consent" laws.

Personally, I'd tell the attorney handling the case, Carl Barry, that his case against MySpace is weak at best and that his press release makes it appear like he's just trying to generate PR. I'll add too that the case for that appears strong given that the lawyer demanded $30,000,000.00 when filing the lawsuit.

Myspace doesn't control who surfs the web and has incredibly limited control over who creates web content. Parents, however, control their home computers and their kids' use of those computers and if these events took place through use of a home computer, then her parents are responsible and myspace is not . If this case were here in Wisconsin, it's highly doubtful any Wisconsin jury would find My Space at fault.

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