Another lawyer tells me that a salesperson from Findlaw just used my firm in trying to sell its expensive product. Let me just say that Findlaw would have to pay me. This is what I tell all the outfits calling me, I get about 5 calls/week, trying sell me web services - such as the lawyer matching services.

Findlaw is just big yellow pages and for lawyers. So if that's what you want lawyers, go ahead and buy lots and lots of internet yellow pages ads. Try these too: www.lawyers.com, www.ilawyerdirectory.com, www.lectlaw.com, www.attorneyfind.com, www.attorneyinternetservices.net, www.alllaw.com, the list is practically infinite.

But when I search Findlaw, for example, under "car accident" and "chicago, il" I don't get the lawyers I know should. I'm very familiar with Chicago personal injury lawyers and the best Chicago lawyers, which in my opinion, include Burke, Mahoney & Wise, Clifford Law Offices, and Corboy & Demetrio, don't appear anywhere near the top of the search in Findlaw.

Findlaw apparently doesn't care whether internet users are savvy enough to see through its pitch so long as it can keeps finding buyers of its product, lots of lawyers.

Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer