Personal injury lawyers are sometimes their own worst enemies. Unfortunately, some attorneys' zealousness appears to be foolishness, which reflects poorly on other personal injury lawyers unfairly punishing their clients.

Google News Search "NFL lawsuit" and you should see what I mean. The lawyer filing the case apparently likes publicity because in my humble opinion that's all that stands to likely be gained by a recent lawsuit the attorney filed. Sadly, the case involves a tragedy in which a girl was paralyzed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver who had been at a N.Y. Giants NFL football game. The lawsuit claims that the NFL should be held responsible for the girl's injuries. Newsday's article on the lawsuit states that the lawyer filing the case (for the second time) contends the NFL promotes the type of behavior that led the drunk driver to drink 14 beers at the game in 1999 and then drive home. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would think that a lawsuit against the beer brewer might make more sense then this one.

Under the logic of the case filed, defendants to the suit should also include every television and radio station, magazine, newspaper and other media outlet that ever showed a beer drinking ad. And perhaps all the advertising agencies that created such ads. Maybe even the municipalities licensing the sale of alcohol, and the United States itself for repealing prohibition. In my opinion, personal injury attorneys should not file this type of case. This lawyer should have just done what was done in December 2002 when this same attorney did not file suit in the infamous Barney's X-Rated Surprise: Children Find Porn In Book incident.