One of the other things I am going to do here is rebut all the propaganda fabricated primarily by auto, home, liability, and other casualty insurers and individuals like Thomas J. Donohue, current President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The latter has tried very hard to skew the Chamber’s agenda, which should be about small and mid-sized businesses, towards “Legal/Tort Reform” calling for absurd “tort reform legislation, including product liability and medical malpractice reforms, to restore balance to the U.S. civil justice system.” This man's ideas are repugnant to justice and are founded on lies about an "insurance crisis." The facts show that nationally insurers have substantially increased profits. State Farm recently declared a “$1 Billion dividend for auto insurance customers,” which in Wisconsin resulted in $13,500,000 being returned to insureds. And in Wisconsin, the truth is reflected in the diminishing “loss ratios” of Wisconsin private passenger car, workers compensation and medical malpractice insurers, which show how insurers are making more money. Yet, when these insurers have underwriting gains, decreased loss ratios and increased profits, they credit being “well-capitalized, strong investment returns and a lack of catastrophic losses.” But, when there is some bad news insurers blame "Trial Lawyers," “higher auto claims,” "the size of the awards" and claim there's “the litigation explosion.”