"Wisconsin Lawyers, Wisconsin Attorneys, Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers & Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorneys"
It's time to give my opinions about lawyers and attorneys directories. There's been a growth of these online yellow pages advertising "Wisconsin Lawyers" "Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers" "Wisconsin Attorneys" "Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorneys." I don't think this works for lawyers as users are different from others who hire lawyers and attorneys based on tv or yellow pages. People surfing the Internet for lawyers or attorneys are smarter and would go to lawyers' sites to obtain information on a lawyer or attorney to make informed decisions. Further, when I check different states on directories, like Illinois, where I know many of the best trial lawyers, none of those lawyers are on the sites. Why not? Simple, they didn't pay. According to a Legal Ethics site - www.legalethics.com, lawyers and attorneys may have good reason not to buy this advertising as some state legal ethics committees have found some sites unethical. One outfit - "attorney-run" - calls itself "free" - but is only "free" to the consumer and costly to lawyers and attorneys.

Yet, there they are all over Google - www.google.com and Yahoo - www.yahoo.com. For example, legallawhelp.com drives Wisconsin residents to its directory through schemes to find those looking for Wisconsin lawyers and Wisconsin attorneys practicing Wisconsin personal injury law with names like "Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms - legal advice" "Wisconsin lawyers" "Wisconsin attorneys" "Wisconsin personal injury lawyers" "Wisconsin personal injury attorneys."

anattorneynearyou.com has a page called WISCONSIN PERSONAL INJURY- LAWYERS, ATTORNEYS, WISCONSIN PERSONAL INJURY. It has the same use of words for nearly every state, compare ALASKA and WISCONSIN! Some language at each said "A Wisconsin personal injury lawyer is sought because an individual experienced injuries that another individual or company was liable for. Wisconsin Personal injury lawyers can help recover any money that the individual qualifies for resulting in any physical or mental suffering, which can range from bodily injuries to an injured reputation. The severity of personal injuries can vary widely depending on the circumstances. A more serious personal injury may have caused lifestyle changes and adjustments, leading to a loss in wages and other inconveniences. A Wisconsin personal injury lawyer can help recover any lost damages."

Another site is p-i-law.com with its page "Personal injury lawyers - medical malpractice attorneys wrongful death wrecks accidents - PI NC." The site has more links than one could imagine such as AltaVista Google HotBot Yahoo Excite InfoSeek AOL MSN Northern Light SavvySearch Lycos WebCrawler Findlaw. Just a big money waster for lawyers.

apersonalinjurylawyersource.com is a page titled Wisconsin Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Lawyer. Yet, the links lead to nothing of substance. injurylawyerfinder.com, per Network Solutions Whois, is owned by an Austrailian outfit.

These lawyer and attorney directories might as well be called "How to make money off Personal Injury Lawyers". Guess that's why I get phone calls on a regular basis from these people trying to sell me into their web directory.