Bayer Baycol found not responsible for 82-year old man's injury. March 18, 2003, Bayer (the aspirin company) dodged a bullet in the personal injury attorney world. Bad news for those personal injury attorneys handling that specific Corpus Christi, Texas case, Eric Weinberg, Mikal Watts, Dawn Barrios and Rickey Brantley, and good news for the corporate-gun-for-hire Philip S. Beck, Germany, and for shareholders of Bayer AG, which had been beaten up. Bayer was obviously elated since the plaintiffs sought $560M in damages, see AP's Bayer Ruled Not Liable in $560M Drug Suit.

Bayer issued a press release Bayer Pleased With Verdict in Corpus Christi, Texas Baycol Case. Bayer does not try to claim that Baycol and Bayer are now off the hook entirely for the Baycol injuries caused by Bayer's negligence. In fact, Bayer Baycol claims are often valid and my firm's Bayer Baycol FAQs, Bayer Baycol FDA Withdrawal, and Bayer Baycol Dear Doctor letter pages discuss some of these issues.