As a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer, I have certainly had the opportunity to meet arrogant Wisconsin doctors and Wisconsin attorneys, but I have yet to meet a physician or lawyer in Wisconsin as arrogant as Dr. Harry J. Metropol of Columbia, South Carolina.

Dr. Metropol, while testifying before a legislative committee contemplating tort deform, actually testified that a Wisconsin woman is bettor off as the result of medical negligence that resulted in her losing her breasts. A South Carolina newspaper article discusses the doctor's comments, Surgeon's remarks shock legislators, and quotes the surgeon as having testified:

"She did not lose her life, and with the plastic surgery, she'll have breast reconstruction better than she had before." "It won't be National Geographic, hanging to her knees. It'll be nice, firm breasts."

The physician was, of course, testifying in favor of damage caps on medical malpractice cases. One Republican State Representative stated "A lot of people were shocked" and another said the "comments were callous."

Wisconsin medical malpratice cases have damage caps.