Lawyers make all the money - at least according to a family friend of ours. Since I believe that too many people think this way, I thought I would share some statistics.

Attorneys are not even in the Top 10 for annual income earned according to the Complete list of "Best Jobs Lists" from the Best Jobs for the 21st Century, Third Edition. Who are the TOP 10 wage earners?

"1. Anesthesiologists greater than $145,600
2. Internists, General greater than $145,600
3. Obstetricians and Gynecologists greater than $145,600
4. Surgeons greater than $145,600
5. Psychiatrists $126,460
6. Pediatricians, General $126,430
7. Chief Executives $120,450
8. Government Service Executives $120,450
9. Private Sector Executives $120,450
10. Family and General Practitioners $118,390"
From The 100 Best-Paying Jobs.

Attorneys earn $88,760, nationally. Wisconsin Lawyer magazine's December 2001 survey of Wisconsin attorneys revealed that Wisconsin lawyers average income was $79,000.

If you need more proof, check out Forbes 20th annual ranking of the 400 richest Americans. I didn't have time to review all of the 400 people listed, but here are Forbes categories:

Hotel & Casino Operators
Food & Agricultural Barons
Technology Tycoons
Venture Capitalists & Investors
Money Managers & Bankers
Real Estate Moguls
Entertainers And Media Moguls
Health Care Providers
Satellites, Cell Phones And Fiber Bosses
Fashion Designers
Manufacturers and
Oil Executives

Lawyers notably are not listed.