Wisconsin Insurers Keep Jacking Up Premiums

Health costs slam firms again: Area companies to pay 23% more in premiums, try to share increase. Only 12 days ago, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel printed Is he overpaid? about Aurora Health Care’s three executives making $4,5000,000. And, insurance companies, like Humana Insurance (see July 28th), continue reporting sharply higher earnings due to double digit premium increases.

Wisconsin has some of the lowest medical malpractice insurance rates in America, but still has high health insurance costs. A 2003 study by the American Medical Society reports Wisconsin has the 6th lowest medical malpractice insurance premiums for physicians in the U.S. Wisconsin's Business Climate from Wisconsin Dept. of Commerce. Thus, despite claims of "tort reformers" spiraling health care costs have nothing to do with malpractice premiums. See the Des Moines Register article Don't blame malpractice suits: Reforming health care takes a lot more than caps on liability awards.

All evidence is there is no correlation between jury verdicts and health care insurance. Yet, insurers want to talk about "trial lawyers" and "tort reform" to defer the truth and by helping these insurers, certain politicians get paid off with donations from the industries profiting, Insurance, Health Care Professionals and Pharmaceutical & Health Products.