Asbestos Trust Fund Can't be Trusted

Mesothelioma lung cancer continues to kill thousands in Wisconsin and the U.S. Asbestos in Wisconsin has touched many families who's loved ones have died but it has also touched big business and insurance corporations, which have been forced by trial lawyers to take responsibility for the deaths.

Mesothelioma cases cost these companies a lot of money, which they don't like to pay families of the victims of asbestos. Thus, to avoid responsibility big business lobbied the President and Congress with millions to get an asbestos bail out and take away the rights of those dying from mesothelioma.

It's likely most won't care until it's their mom, dad, grandpa or grandma who dies, but I urge all to take a little action here before it's too late and tell your Senator not to trust the "asbestos trust fund."

Wisconsin Mesothelioma Lawyer