American Family Insurance Raking in Profits & Premiums

American Family Insurance rakes it in!

American Family Insurance is a Wisconsin insurer selling liability insurance such as car, boat, homeowners, motorcycle and umbrella insurance policies as well as business insurance and other insurance. American Family Insurance is the largest liability insurer in Wisconsin.

American Family Insurance yesterday reported net profits of $564,400,000.00 for 2004. That's up 263% compared to American Family's 2003 net profit of $155,400,000.00. American Family's net profits in prior years were $58,200,000.00 in 2002, $100,400,000.00 in 2001, and $236,700,000.00 in 2000. Media spin is found in Milwaukee's Business Journal article or the Wisconsin State Journal article or you could even read propaganda by American Family.

What you will likely never see is:
~ It admit there's no litigation explosion or insurance crisis
~ A confession that "Tort Reform" only increases insurer profits
~ Premiums go down despite huge profits year after year
~ Legal rights restored after "Tort Reform" is passed
~ How minute the true number of "frivolous lawsuits" is
~ That there's no "jackpot justice" or "lottery" in Wisconsin
~ $$ anti-justice politicians get from American Family & insurers
~ Insurers stating how unfair damage caps (juries are not told about) are in Wisconsin

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