Lawyers & Web Matching Companies

Lawyers on the Internet are frequently contacted by sales people from web outfits offering to "put them in contact with" prospective clients. See, for example, an extensive interactive discussion of www.legalmatch.com on attorney Matthew Homan's Nonbillablehour Blog.

Today (April 6th), I was contacted by a sales person, Robert Yokum of Los Angeles, on behalf of one such organization known as www.legalfish.com, which he said is based in Chicago. When I asked Mr. Yokum about the potential legal and ethical implications of legalfish's "pay if you accept a case" approach, all he said was that there were "many others out there doing this." I found no comfort in this response and find it hard to believe anyone would, especially lawyers.

Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers Blog isn't interactive so I thought it only fair to note that I was contacted today (April13th) by legalfish VP Randy Revoyr who told me that legalfish's model is better described as "month to month advertising with a guarantee" - the guarantee being you'll get a case from using legalfish or they'll waive that month's fee. I'm still not comfortable with it, but post this for the information of other lawyers.

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