Insurance Journal: "Tort Crisis Overblown..."

Insurance Journal, one of the insurance industries' major periodicals, published this story May 17, 2005. The story discusses a new study by a totally independent think tank, the Economic Policy Institute, which shows "There is no credible evidence to link the tort system either to the economic ills its critics claim or to the benefits they argue would be produced by altering it." The story describes how the study finds that the "so-called tort litigation crisis is based on 'wildly overstated cost estimates that have been widely cited by lawmakers and the media as support for calls for legal change.'"

The study further states: "The insurance consultants have spun a few high-profile but unrepresentative incidents into a horror story that is almost entirely unsupported by the facts." For those interested in the details, the actual study is mandatory reading especially for lawyers like me who want to get the truth out to the public.

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