Vioxx Justice Amen! (for now)

Vioxx was recalled by Merck 9/30/04 even though the AMA warned in AUGUST 2001 about big troubles with Vioxx, like ischemic stroke. Today, a Texas widow got justice and her word was "Amen!"

Merck does what? Merck issues a pre-prepared Vioxx verdict release. Why does Merck appeal the Vioxx verdict? Because big business is strongly supporting State Supreme Court Judges, like in Illinois, which got State Farm and maybe Phillip Morris results.

Ischemic strokes are bad news and the evidence shows Merck knew of the Vioxx problem. $253,400,000.00, Amen! Then again, Merck's was worth nearly 1000 times that in 2001 so the jury just slapped Merck's wrist for Vioxx.

Wisconsin Vioxx Lawyer