Diane Sykes - If she's the nominee, she's in

Diane Sykes may be the next nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, and if she is, I think she's in.

Wisconsin Lawyer profiled Sykes in June 2000. Sykes is a nominee similar to Chief Justice John Roberts. She is a 2004 appointee to the Court of Appeals (Roberts was 2003) , young at 47 (Roberts is 50), involved in the Federalist Society, Catholic, has a corporate law background and extensive judicial experience, and is sharp as a tack. Based on this, I have no doubt as to her appointment if nominated.

Sykes, however, will be objected to by some, see the National Council of Jewish Women's statement and Feminists'. The Alliance for Justice stated:

Diane Sykes has not demonstrated during her years on the bench that she can put her personal views aside and rule fairly and independently on cases involving reproductive freedom, lawsuits by individuals against corporations or insurers, or issues involving the rights of the accused.

Wisconsin Democrats Senator Russ Feingold and Senator Herb Kohl, however, are limited in their ability to oppose Sykes since they supported her Court of Appeals nomination, see Sen. Leahy's 2/04 statement.

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