True Justice from the new Dept of Justice?

In a prior post, I explained how federal agencies can and have been used to strip Americans of legal rights. In Revival of Justice: What Obama's DoJ appointees should do first, Yale Law School's Judith Resnik sets forth some ideas for the new administration to revive true justice.

The highlights from my perspective are:
  • Acknowledge that the courts are for all citizens;
  • Stop government lawyers from cutting off access to courts for civil litigants;
  • Don't use support "tort reform" laws ("reform" is really short for deform);
  • Give consumers, employees and tort victims more access to court;
  • Stop mandatory arbitration (see e.g. your credit card contract);
  • Let consumers with tiny claims aggregate in classes so they can get lawyers; and
  • Eliminate immunities for government officials and private contractors.

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