Corporate Employees Email Legislators

Wisconsin's insurance corporations are so afraid of losing profits over Governor Doyle's Car Insurance Proposal that the companies are attempting to make employees email and phone all members of the Wisconsin State Assembly and Wisconsin State Senate.

If you want to get fair car insurance coverage, then call the Legislative Hotline at (608) 266-9960 or (800) 362-9472 and tell your State Representative and State Senator to make sure that the TRUTH IN AUTO INSURANCE PROVISIONS are included in the budget.

I haven't done any new research but I blogged about American Family's $564,400,000.00 (Five-Hundred-Sixty-Four-Million-Four-Hundred-Thousand-Dollars) profits and AIG's Greenberg's $4,400,000,000.00 (Four-Billion-Four-Hundred-Million-Dollars).

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