Wall Street! How do you like CAPS now?

President Obama wants to limit certain CEO's pay to $500,000 so I'm wondering now how Wall Street likes caps now. Wall Street CEOs like ex-AIG man Hank Greenberg and the Wall Street rag are always asking for tort reform and love CAPS on personal injury damages!

Wisconsin has caps in nearly all wrongful death, medical malpractice, and municipality cases. Citizens here usually aren't aware how the caps effect them - until they or someone close to them is injured or killed. For example, the cap on all damages in many personal injury cases against Wisconsin municipalities is $50,000. How fair is that? It's not; it's total garbage.

Wall Street now is on the receiving end of caps. An arbitrary number chosen by politicians limiting their right to compensation. I think it's wrong too, but I wonder if Wall Street recognizes how unfair caps are - in personal injury cases.

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