Manganese welding rods used by Wisconsin welders cause Parkinson's disease-like symptoms

Manganese welding rods

Manganese welding rods used in welding by Wisconsin welders and others are likely to blame for horrible nervous system injuries suffered by many ironworkers, manufacturing employees, workers in ironworks and others. Welders especially, however, are known to have suffered extreme Parkinson's disease-like symptoms. The following are some of the symptoms associated with manganese welding rods:

Moving slower
Loss of balance
Physical stiffness
Leg cramps at night
Less coordination
Slurring speech
Face muscles tightening
Poor handwriting
Walking difficulties
Anxiousness & irritability
Emotional changes
Short term loss of memory

Welders with manganese should be pathologically tested and those diagnosed with Parkinson's may want to revisit their physician, neurologist or other doctor. At my site, you can see Welders supply companies in Illinois and Wisconsin and a large list of links to Welding equipment manufacturers & sellers. Most important is a new study just out and that discusses Parkinson's disease-like symptoms relation to Manganese welding rods.

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