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Personal injury lawyers don't often have solid Pro-Justice Republicans to support like Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, who stand up for truth. Unfortunately, people like Arizona Senator John Kyl get in the way with things like the double tax he proposed in mid-night Thursday session seeking to twice tax (three times "C" corporations) fees earned on contingency by attorneys.

Why? The contingent fee levels the playing field for Joe Average. With it, you can hire the best lawyers available paying only after winning. Insurance companies don't like that because they can pay expensive attorneys fees, but could you? The National Law Journal just showed corporate lawyers hourly rates for ONE HOUR up to $675 here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and elsewhere: Chicago $730; Boston $735; L.A. $725; San Francisco $675; Houston $590; Miami $850; D.C. $650; Philadelphia $645; Pittsburgh $705; New York $750. Most people can't afford that or even lower lawyers fees so to render justice we have contingent fees.

Insurance companies however don't want you to have great attorneys. They want:
- Public opinion filled with other mistruths about our legal system;
- Valid lawsuits against them never be pursued;
- Your premiums but not your claims;
- Voters to think they constantly fight bogus lawsuits;
- Everyone to hate lawyers so they never hire one to get justice;
- You to think you're in good hands when you're told what your claim is worth;
- People to feel guilty for making legitimate claims;
- You to have so much guilt that you tell your lawyer "I'm not the kind of person who files a lawsuit";
- Jurors to think "the person who files a lawsuit" is a sham, dishonest and insincere;
- Minds made up before evidence is ever heard;
- Your legal rights minimized or removed;
- Their legal rights maximized and preserved;
- Wrongdoing on their part to go unchecked;
- People to feel juries give money away in a lottery jackpot justice system;
- Juries to doubt themselves so they find "No" to negligence or "No" to cause questions;
- Verdicts for damages to be far less then what is fair;
- Caps on damages to minimize how much justice a person may collect; and
- Judges who will avoid holding them accountable.

What do you want after you have been negligently injured?

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