Asbestos Bailout Bill

Mesothelioma and asbestos related diseases have killed hundreds of thousands, including many men who served in our armed forces, e.g. Navy Veterans. The deaths were caused because corporations knowingly poisoned individuals with asbestos fraudulently hiding for more than 30 years the dangers of asbestos.

Now, just a year after President Bush's Solicitior General criminally indicted W.R. Grace and 7 of its executives for knowingly exposing workers and residents of Libby, Montana to asbestos, Senator Bill Frist (the heart surgeon known for trying to protect doctors at your expense) is pushing a corporate asbestos bail out that would give W.R Grace $2.8 BILLION.

According to the National Taxpayers Union, this corporate asbestos bailout would cost taxpayers a minimum of $45 BILLION.

Not only that, but as a result of such an asbestos bailout bill, many mesothelioma victims will have NO RIGHTS to recover including:
~ those exposed to asbestos in a neighborhood, home or school,
~ victims exposed in the World Trade Center collapse of September 11th,
~ those exposed in Hurricane Katrina, and
~ Veterans whose service does not meet narrow criteria.

Today, I discussed this issue with Reporter Rick Barrett of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and I'll post more on that later. For now, however, I urge you to contact these Senators and tell them to vote against S.B. 852:
Tom Carper Delaware
Saxby Chambliss Georgia
John Cornyn Texas
Chris Dodd Connecticut
Mike DeWine Ohio
Elizabeth Dole North Carolina
Bill Frist Tennessee
Dianne Feinstein California
Ted Kennedy Massachusetts
Herb Kohl Wisconsin
Pat Leahy Vermont
Bill Nelson Florida
Ben Nelson Nebraska
Harry Reid Nevada
Paul Sarbanes Maryland
Arlen Specter Pennsylvania
Debbie Stabenow Michigan

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