Wisconsin Personal Injury Tort Reform - part 2

Wisconsin personal injury lawsuits, as I indicated in part 1, are small in number as Wisconsin is not litigious. Personal injury cases are just an issue used by politicians to get contributions from the likes of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and American Family Insurance.

The truth is far more revealing than the politicians. Here's the Wisconsin's Director of State Courts' report. In Wisconsin, 31 Counties had ZERO product liability cases filed and 26 Counties had ZERO medical malpractice cases filed in 2004. Further, each Wisconsin county on average had about only five jury trials in any personal injury case (note this includes every type of personal injury, e.g. Wisconsin car accidents, mesothelioma cases, medical malpractice, etc.).

Hopefully now you understand why I gag every time I hear a pundit or politician refer to a "litigation explosion" in Wisconsin.

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