American Family loses Wisconsin Case

American Family is a huge Wisconsin car insurance company. I've documented its extreme profits, denial of claims, pro-tort reform position, and pay "when pigs fly" story.

I've also given some car insurance advice and discussed Wisconsin uninsured, underinsured and umbrella policies.

Fortunately, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has unanimously upheld the rights of those buying underinsured car insurance in Wisconsin in a case where American Family, acting consistent with what I feel is typical insurance practice, refused to pay a claim.

Welin v. American Family Ins Co held that Wisconsin insurers cannot define an "underinsured motor vehicle" without considering the amount an injured person actually receives from a third party insurer. For those outside personal injury law, even lawyers, this may be abstract, but it's a victory for car insurance consumers in Wisconsin and is another example, as with giving statements to insurance companies, of why it's wise to consult with personal injury attorneys before accepting an insurance company's position.

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