Door County Explosion & Investigation

An apparent gas explosion in Door County (WFRV CBS 5's explosion story) raises interesting legal issues involved in burn injury, fire and explosion cases. The Wisconsin case of Garfoot v. Fireman's Fund illustrates the main one, which is the cause and origin of the fire or explosion.

In Garfoot, a man was burned after a gas explosion involving a pilot light. During investigation of the explosion, a witness disturbed evidence that would have shown if a gas leak in pipes caused the explosion, fire and burn injuries. Specifically, the witness failed to properly pressure test the liquid propane (LP) system dismantling gas pipes such that these could not be tested. The case shows how extreme care must be exercised in the investigation of fire and explosion accidents whether the cases involve defective pipes or allegations relating to gas control valves, defective gas tanks, machine malfunction or overfilling of propane cylinders.

Here's the wiki on fire investigation.

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