CNN exposes on insurance companies

Days ago I wrote how an insurer sued an 81-year-old for failing to shovel and showed other examples of what insurance companies want:
~ Premiums not claims
~ To deter valid lawsuits
~ People to hate lawyers so they never get one
~ You to feel guilt for making legitimate claims
~ You to think you're "not the kind of person who files a lawsuit"
~ Juries to think a person who files a suit is dishonest
~ Jurors minds made up before evidence is heard
~ Your rights minimized or removed
~ Their rights maximized and preserved
~ People to feel juries give away money
~ Verdicts for damages to be less then what is fair
~ Caps on damages to minimize your justice
~ Judges who will avoid holding them accountable

Anderson Cooper's 360 Blog for 2/7/07 is "Insurance companies fight paying billions in claims." CNN investigated "how Allstate handled the claim of one woman, Roxanne Martinez. Her car was hit in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her medical bills and lost wages added up to $25,000. Allstate offered $15,000 to settle." No surprise. Allstate's one of the worst! See my Personal Injury Attorney in Wisconsin FAQs and you'll see Allstate's Claims Manual has shown personal injury attorneys settle claims for 2.5-3.5 times more than those who do not have lawyers.

The Blog goes on: "Martinez's case represents what 10 of the top 12 auto insurance companies are doing to save money. And if you are in a minor impact crash and get hurt, former insurance industry insiders say, insurance companies will most likely try doing the same thing to you: delay handling your claim, deny you were hurt and defend their decision in drawn-out court battles. It's the three Ds: delay, deny and defend." (emphasis added)

"Roxanne Martinez didn't take it. She sued (with a lawyer I presume) and a jury awarded her $167,000 dollars." "Allstate is betting you won't wait, you won't sue and you'll take what you get and walk-away." Don't you take it, just get a good personal injury lawyer.

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