Insurer Sues 81-year-old Woman for Failing to Shovel

Insurance companies never cease to amaze. Today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports on how Wisconsin insurance company Sentry Insurance is suing an 81-year-old Brookfield woman because Sentry Insurance had to pay worker's compensation to a delivery person injured after falling on ice on the elderly woman's driveway.

I've explained about insurance companies paying doctors to dispute claims, denying Katrina victims claims, bullying people, and lying about a litigation explosion in Wisconsin, but Wisconsin-based Sentry Insurance, which in 2005 made $245,484,000.00, filed the case of Sentry Insurance vs. Anne Keipper, Waukesha County Case Number 2007CV000257, before the Honorable Judge Mark Gempeler, all because it had to pay a worker's compensation claim.

Sentry Insurance is just another reminder of what insurance companies want. Insurers want to use the system for their benefit, but don't want you too get justice. Insurers hire their lawyers, but don't want you too lawyers.

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